FIRST Fare Sessions

FIRST Fare 2016 Schedule: Plan your day!

FIRST Fare 2016 Session Descriptions:

    1. General Information

  • Gracious Professionalism - Steve Kelly
  • Fusion CAD/CAM - Autodesk
  • Team build shop tools: CNC Routers, Powder Coating and other handy items - Bruce Whitefield
  • FRC Software Development best practices/ how to work on a software team - Catlin Gable
  • The Importance of Applying for Awards - Robin Attey
  • Successful Grant Writing - Tom Thompson
  • Web Design - Bog Goetz
  • What does it mean to be a mentor - Saul Wood, Brian and Lallie

         Discussions on recruiting, relationships with students, relationships with parents and general survival techniques for getting through the FIRST season

  • "Maximizing the Value of FIRST in Your College and Scholarship  Applications" - Jodi Walder-Biesanz

          Colleges value what you have learned in FIRST but you have to tell them, will be going over how to write essays about robotics and how FIRST shapes your educational preferences and scholarship searches.

     2. Programming

  •  Basic FRC Programming in JAVA - Jake Springer
  • FRC Synthesis - Mackinnon Buck
       Come check it out running all day
  • Introduction and Intermediate LabView- Jim Chastain

        What is it all about

  • Intermediate LabView- Jim Chastian 

         Now you know what it is lets start to use it

  • Advance LabView - Jim Chastain

        Just like it says more in depth learning of the program.

     3. Electrical

  • Electrical Control Systems - Tim Bennington-Davis

        What makes up the e-bay and how it works.

  • Control Systems Q & A - Tim Bennington-Davis

        Lets go over what you learned and answer your questions

       4. Mechanical

  • "We can too" - Tina Bliss
         Girls and Guys are equal in FIRST
  •  FRC Basics - Tate Calem and Christopher Schetter
         Materials and tools you will use to manufacture your bot
  • Beginning Pneumatics Class - Floyd Moore

         How to make linear motion. Learn about cylinders,regulators, valves, tubes and compressors.

  • Basic Inventor - Andy Sears

        Going over what it can do and how to use it.

  • Advanced Inventor - Andy Sears

        Learning to use and putting it to work.

  • Drive Trains - Floyd Moore

        So many choices why you would chose one over another.

  • Manipulator Design - Bruce Whitefield

        5. Strategy

  • Breaking Down Your Game Strategy - Bob and Bryce Croucher

        How to play a better game.

  • Brainstorming (Interactive)-Flora Abrams
        Working through how to design your bot to solve the challenge.
  • Competing at a Higher Level - Nick S. and Lilly F

        Tips on how to strengthen your  FRC team.

        6. Business

  • Time Management/Project Management - Vicky Thompson

        Get' R Done Staying on time

  • Closing Ceremonies - "How my FIRST Experience Benefited My Future Career & Why We Want FIRST Students to Work For Us"

        Q & A with FIRST alumni and Corporate representatives.