Why Sponsor?
    FIRST Fare has become one of the preseason highlights for FRC participants because of its educational and sociable atmosphere. An event created to help rookie FRC teams begin their teams and learn how to be successful. FIRST Fare host teams support FIRST Fare through their own limited budget. Dollars raised will be spent on improving FIRST Fare, and by extent, improving it's impact.
    Gladstone Robotics -FRC Team 3131 is proud to present FIRST Fare 2015. FIRST Fare 2015 will introduce new elements and showcase FRC success to build a platform of success for the teams in Oregon and southwest Washington.
    The original pretense of sessions scheduled to teach participants of subject matter is the building block and main event. 
    Following FIRST's mission of creating science and technology leaders, FIRST Fare will deliver a day full of education, entertainment and enlightenment. Activities include:
  • FIRST Fare educational tracks
  • Team Building exercises
  • Meet and Greet
    FIRST Teams, community members and interested individuals are welcome to participate in the Technology Pavilion and showcase activities. FRC participants will be privileged to the Educational Tracks

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